IT COnsultancy

DATASparx takes pride in the ability to attract and retain highly qualified technical professionals and skilled consultants who can effectively step right into your business environment and provide the professional expertise required, spanning a wide range of disciplines. Regardless of role, DATASparx can provide you with a professional resource with the appropriate experience ensuring expert, cost-effective service delivery through our FAST and EASY Model. Whether your need is a short or long term or if you are looking for a skilled consultant to add permanently to your team the DATASparx approach is always FAST.

Flexible - Corp to Corp or Contract to Hire

Accountable – Single Point of Contact with known escalation points.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – We promise delivery of highly skilled Consultants. Total Consulting Coverage – Offshore support from RPO centers in India.

Our Consulting Process Outsourcing Centers in Hyderabad-India provide consulting support to our clients twenty-four hours a day during the normal work week.

Consulting Services

DATASparx provides consulting that can make both an immediate and long-lasting contribution to our clients’ success.

Contract Services

Clients turn to contract services to augment core staff in a variety of circumstances, such as business expansion, project overload, and technology implementation. We deliver both short-term and project-oriented consulting solutions, as our customer’s needs dictate.

Managed Consulting Partnership

DATASparx creates managed-consulting partnerships, designed up front with measurable standards that determine a program’s success. These fully-integrated engagements provide a quantitative approach to analyze a firm’s consulting strategy and manage the business of hiring.


The total cost of consulting is not only measured in hard dollars, but also in time and effort. DATASparx mission is to increase our customers’ competitive advantage.

Response Time

DATASparx consulting edge originates with our processes and is complemented by hard work and market savvy. The primary advantages for our customers are the accelerated fulfillment of consulting needs and improved candidate quality. Our response time and success ratios speak for themselves.

Strategic Operations

We maintain a strategic operations team, which manages the complexities of consulting high-volume, remote, or multi-site engagements. This team provides a value-added approach which complements our division’s consulting network.

Technical Competence

DATASparx Account Executives and Consultants possess the strong technical competence and are extensively trained in their respective fields. We keep abreast of technology environments so we know what skills are currently in demand, and how to find the best candidates with those skills.