Single Sign-On

Single sign-on integration with all your on-premise and cloud applications thus providing end-users instant access to all business applications safely and securely. Mitigate risk for access to 3rd-party sites

Multi Factor Authentication

Secure simple and intelligent implementation of Multi-Factor to avoid security breaches. Authentication solutions are available for employees, partners, and customers from anywhere and any device

Life Cycle Management

Efficient automated provisioning process for all end-users with any business process for external and internal users. Real-Time user provisioning triggered by preferred HR systems or applications


Embed authentication into your apps with open protocols such as SAML and OIDC Implement secure authentication mechanism to safely allow users access to business-critical applications anytime, anywhere.


Facilitate Open ID Connect and OAuth solutions to authenticate users and get their authorization to access protected resource as well as determine authorization via use of policies and rules.

API Access Management

User Authentication, Security policy enforcement, load balancing, cache management, dependency resolution, and transformation with APIs for higher agility and monetization.

Access Governance

Role life cycle management. Role mining and automatic role allocation according to the identified user profile. Reduce the cost and effort involved in overseeing and enforcing access policies and management procedures.

Audit and Security

Scheduled audits, Historized access rights and their change. Use a single point of information and implementation of access guidelines. Independently manage multiple objects on a single IAM platform.


Flexible connection of IT applications and scalable synchronization with connected target system. Provisioning, consolidation and synchronization of access. Real Time Synchronization of changes implemented.